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Contract manufacturing

As a leader in the skincare, haircare and bodycare manufacturing market, Cosmetic solutions provides you with the opportunity to develop custom product formulations for your brand. Our turn key process is completely onsite, including formulation, creation, packaging, design, printing and shipping. As with our private label program, our focus is on the success of your product line. Our capabilities includes Oils, Creams, Body butters, Serums, Gels, Cleansers, Masks, Peels, Scrubs, Shampoos, Conditioners, Lip care, Intimate products, Man care  products, Eye care and much more.

We conduct many standard tests on our products on regular basis to make sure you get best of quality that involves:

-Viscosity tests

-Specific gravity tests

-pH balance tests

-Microbial tests

-Aesthetic tests

-Stability tests

Custom Formulation

At Balson Laboratories, we offer our customers with custom formulations services depending upon their need. Our capable team of well qualified chemists, can produce a formulation which is customised according to your specifications.

Private Label

At Balson Laboratories, our mission is to provide advanced and progressive solutions for complete skin care, hair care and body care. We offer private label services and make our products after extensive research.

Our manufacturing facilities consist of state of the art machines, that bare used to produce countless types of products for the market. We are GMP and ISO certified. We stick to finest quality standards

during manufacturing, formulation, production and post production procedures. We conduct stringent quality control tests to make sure our products match our efficiency and purity standards.

We believes in making cruelty free products. We donot tests our products on animals.

Baby care: We are leading manufacturer of baby care products, like Baby oils, Shampoos, Body wash, Body lotions, Diaper rash cream etc. All, our products are manufactured with natural , organic ingredients, keeping in view of gentle and soft skin of babies.

Skin Care Products: We are leading manufacturer of almost entire range of skin care products like Face wash, Creams, Scrubs, Masks, Gels, Moisturisers etc.  All, our products are manufactured with natural , organic ingredients as per client’s requirements.

Hair Care products: We are leading manufacturer of  Hair care products like Shampoos, Conditioners,  Hair oils, Masks, Developer etc. All, our products are manufactured with natural , organic ingredients as per client’s requirements.

Serums: We have almost entire range of face serums with us like Vitamin C, Retinol, Hyaluronic, Niacinamide , Gold etc.

Intimate Hygiene: We are leading manufacturer of  Intimate Hygiene products for men and women like Intimate washes, Intimate lightening creams, Breast Massage oil, Under arm lightening creams etc.

Man Grooming range: We have almost entire range of Man Grooming Products like Face wash, Beard Wash, Beard oils, Hair wax etc.